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Breakthrough for Pakistan visa

2007年8月28日 Leave a Comment

Dear all,

Very luckily I got Pakistan visa today in Iran, which is usually regarded as mission impossible task for Taiwanese passport holder. Pakistan government does not recognize Taiwan's government and as a result, it's passport is also not accepted by them.

However, I did some tricks to apply for the visa and it worked. Will go to Pakistan next soon after Iran.

By the way, I do NOT have any travel information about Pakistan and decided not to have one guide book, I wanna travel without any guide book now.

Wish me good luck my friends, after Pakistan, am going to CHINA!

tzuche in Iran

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  • Atine said:  


    總之 一路小心 不過要玩到不能玩為止喔^^

  • 愛你的姐姐 said:  


  • teresa129 said:  

    Did you tell then your passport is China passport?

    Have a nice trip! and becareful the border between Iran and Pakistan becasue it's a little dangerous and people are not so friendly there.

    But I did hear Pakistan is very beautiful and people are nice in this country......

  • tzuche said:  

    to teresa129

    yes, i made some tricks to make them belive that my passport is from mainland china. the road after crossing the border from Iran to Pakistan is tough, manageable though.

    People in Pakistan are truly friendly and nice. They dont cheat tourist like some indians do in India.

    to My dear sister,
    I love you too!:)

    to Atine,

    will make the most use of my Pakistan visa to see this country and know more about it.

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